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The Bench
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I’m sitting on our bench
Under the shadow of trees
But you’re not there
And I feel incomplete

I close my eyes to hear
The river running near
There is no other noise
Nothing left to fear

Under the rising of the moon
Rain is falling soon
This life has gone so fast
I never thought that I could be the last

For the rest, there’s not much to say
I’m taking this walk everyday
And if there’s no-one left to talk to
I’m well, day after day...

I’m getting old and I’m moving so slow
I don’t know how far I will go
With all this silence surrounding me
I’m tired to live alone no more happy

Under the rising of the sun
Heat leaves time undone
The day will be long
Standing weaker, I’m not feeling strong

For the rest, there is no much to complain
Nothing’s different, and everything remains
You can try your best and do what you can
But you’ll see: things last longer than man

I’m sitting on our bench
For another day
I’ll be here tomorrow
to wait and stay
Hoping you’re with me...

Mars 2005 - Januvier 2007
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In heaven all interesting people are missing.

Joseph Fort Friedrich Nietzsche
Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.

George Eliot


La première chanson que nous avons enregistrée pour cet album.
Une chanson sur la mort de l'autre et comment faire face à la perte de l'être cher.