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I’ve never talk too much, and not enough to you
Breaking this silence is hard to do
And if I’ve been away
I’ve listen to your heart
I wish you decide now to stay.

Still searching for your hand to hold,
Rest for a while when getting old
But finally as you see, our hands are still empty
It’s time for us to move away.

Time to find now what we really need
what really matters, what to concede
who mislead us, and opened up our eyes.
Hold on wasting all of our time.

Come back, and look at my face.
Uncertainties last anyway...
Come back and stay in this place.
There’s no one to believe in, nothing to say

You can trust those showing you what you want to see
Forget your pains, get over fears
it always starts again and remains right here
where it was all these years

Go back, try hard to understand
be left with nothing in your hands
hate those who doubt already
off something like your honesty

Come back and look at my face
there’s no man in the moon, as you can see...
Sit down, tell me there’s no more space
For you to hope, be what you wanna be.

Come back, and look at my face.
Uncertainties last anyway...
Turn back, move to another place.
There’s no need to believe to bounce away...

December 2008 – July 2013
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Las cosas duran más que la gente

J.L.Borges - El informe de Brodie - El encuentro - 1953-1970


A song on what we decide to really transmit to our children.
This is the last song we wrote and we record in November 2013..