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Dorothée Delteil

At the age of eighteen, Dorothée did her applied arts bac and followed it with a professional bac in photography that lasted four years.

She began as a free-lance advertising photographer in Alsace where she is from.

In the meantime she did a DUT diploma specialising in photo-video.

She moved to the Dordogne in 2001, and worked as an artisan photographer specialising in “social photography” which meant mainly weddings and portraits.

Her talent did not go unnoticed and she received the label "portraitiste de France" in 2009.

After a brilliant photography career, her natural curiosity led her to the kitchen of a great chef and that is where she now plies her trade.

Dorothée took all of the portrait shots for the Nature album and did the illustration for the track "Second Place"

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Dorothée did some fantastic portraits and part of the cover art.

While she is no longer a full time photographer, she has definitely retained her exceptional eye…