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The Nature Project

Nature is a 14-track album in English. Nature is alternative, progressive rock with a touch of electro and uses mainly a varied range of ethnic instruments.

Four musicians form the core of the project: Alain Merlingeas on drums, Laurent Dezon on bass guitar as well as Christophe Henin and Pascal Escoyez on all the other instruments. Christophe was in charge of recording and mixing the first few tracks. Other musicians (Samantha Ferrando, Silvano Macaluso) joined the project, some for their specific instruments (Johan Paimbault, Jean Lhuillery, Fayšal El Mezouar, Alain Rinallo, Rhonny Ventat, Martin O'Sullivan, Vincent Lamoure, Christophe Demiras and Yan Koy).

The project was not produced in one block but over a period of many months when studio time was available and to leave time to compose, try out different options and often come back and change things that didn't quite work.

In March 2010, given the ethnic direction the project was taking and the fact that they had three finished tracks, we decided to mix them with other loops and drum tracks at Real World Studio with Andrew Kitchen.

The results achieved notably in terms of voice, bass and mainly drums gave the production its definitive colour and were to have a huge influence on the outcome. Other tracks were finished in 2012 and the few remaining voice tracks laid down in 2013. At the end of October 2013, Nature the album was mixed and mastered by Greg Calbi at Steerling sound in New York.
A less compressed version was also produced that was to become the final pressed version of the project, (both versions are available on this site).

What makes this album so special is the extraordinary musicians that have contributed to it, the impeccable production values and the sheer luck in having had the opportunity to mix a few tracks at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios.

Nature the album deals with the nature around us but also the nature of mankind, the joy, the pain of the human condition, but also the hopes and dreams of mankind.

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