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Christophe De Miras

Christophe de Miras studied the electronic organ for six years with Eric Tourneur in Périgueux.

He further developed his knowledge from 1989-1993 at the Conservatoire National de Région on the piano with Mme Isabelle Alberto and learned to read sheet music with Mme Pascale Geneste.

He passed the final level of piano exams.

From 1993-1997 he did a musicology course in Toulouse.

Christophe began giving concerts and putting groups together with his friends (1988-1990 Butterfly; 1990-1992 Enola Gay).

He has been a professional musician since 1999.

Up until today, he has played keyboards and sung backing vocals in various groups (Claude Nédélec’s band in 2003 Laurent Dezon’s groups from 2005 to 2012 and the On/Off group since 2012).

In tandem with these varied experiences, he has taken part in different projects as a session musician and (or) arranger and musical director in collaboration with Studio Sphère France for the following artists: Dominiq L; Kevin Castagna; Eyal; Wendy Nazaré on two albums.

Since 2000 he has worked as composer, writer and performer with Laul and since 2002 he has worked as guitarist, composer, and performer of rock and hard rock for Sébastien (Louis) Daniel.


Christophe and the way he plays his Leslie was a great help to us on "The Only One".
The recording took a matter of minutes, perfect and exactly what we were looking for …