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Alain Rinallo

Alain Rinallo was born in Belgium on June 12th 1966.
He began playing bass by taking private classes with Silvio Pecci and Benoît Vanderstraeten, going on to do an M.A.I course in Nancy (France). He also did courses with Steve Houben and Didier Lockwood and at the Jazz Academy at Amay. Alain is a composer and arranger. He works in his own studio and makes his wide range of skills available to other artists.
He is a multi-talented musician and has worked on a series of projects (Wendy Nazaré, Frédéric François, Sab, Yoni Vidal, Kloé K, Salvatore Lombardo, Pascal Escoyez "Nature", Julien Loko on the CD " Graffity Cowboy " France, Claude Michel, Christophe Maroye (3 jazz albums), Musique Gospel, Sylvano Macaluso, Christophe Henin, The Tabous (Holland), Amélie Morin on the album "Astral Gramme" France, Jean-François Maljean (2 albums - Japan), Puzzle Latino - Angelo Crisci, Léa Cohen on the CD "Les portes de l'intense", Darill on the album "Grand Paradise" as a session musician.

As composer he worked on the album "Puzzle Latino" by Angelo Crisci and on The Tabous (Holland).

Because his passion is for live music, he can be found regularly working for artists such as Wendy Nazaré (Forum de Liège, Francofolies, Sentier des Halles in Paris), Le Zèbre in Paris, Fiesta City, Cherbourg, Villefranche; B Enzo; Santo Baraccato; Sab (Sos Recording); Yoni Vidal (Festival in Sofia in Bulgaria, Sos Recording, Jazz Festival Maastricht); Kloé K (Sos Recording); Lalma (Barcelona - Madrid, Egypt - Alexandria); Claude Michel; Christophe Maroye Quartet; Mister D (U.S.A); Jean-François Maljean (Verviers Jazz festival, Bulgaria, Prague and the Shanghai Universal Exhibition); Bernard Loire (Celtic music); Fabio Picchi Quartet; Fata Morgana (RTBF); Joseph-; Emmanuel Biscardi; Michelangelo Loconte; Léa Cohen; Kloé K

He is always eager to spread music across borders and took part in the European Jazz Festival in Vietnam (2008) with Françoise Derissen and Carla Van Effeltaire., in the Festival Jazz de Louvain la Neuve and Antwerp as well as the Shanghai Universal Exhibition and in Prague with Jean-François Maljean.


Alain came on board near the end of the project when there were a few specific bass lines left to produce.
He came to play on two fretless bass tracks but ended up playing on five tracks adding some beautiful bass lines notably at the end of "Breathe" when we were a little low on ideas…