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Yan Koy

Yan Koy is the Congolese singer who the best representative of the Congolese Rumba in Brussels. He voice can be recognised anywhere and he composes his own songs and also performs a rich and varied Congolese repertoire.

He is also an exceptional dancer. Very much at home in the younger repertoire such as Fally or Ferre, he is also a fantastic performer of Wendo, Grand Kallé, Franco, Pépé Kallé, Emeneya Koffi, among many others.

His amazing voice and artistic skills have led him to perform with the greats including Tabu Ley, Papa Wemba, Madilu, and to accompnay the Zaîko L.L orchestra on tour in Belgium and in the Congo.

Yan Koy is the founder of the groups Color Rumba, that includes such accomplished singers and musicians as: Malage de Lungendo, Petit Poisson, Papy Muntu, Chabrown,…


Yan was the last voice we recorded on the project. His voice on "Everything we can" was an essential part of the piece…