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Johan Paimbault

Johan Paimbault is a self-taught percussionist, inspired by World Music and reggae since his childhood.

Johan learned his craft through his many encounters with musicians from varied horizons and musical styles during jam sessions or training courses.

This independent learning process has turned him into a multi-talented musician as much in terms of his musical influences as the way he plays so many instruments: Johan is happy on the congas, the bongos, djembé, darbouka and cajòn; he also had a particular interest in ambience percussion and is a huge fan of the Human Beat Box.

His musical vision is one of originality and blending the “colours of sound”, leaving no room gloom.

In a word, Johan is a musician without limits, as long as he is serving music, freely and in all humanity.


I will never forget the percussion session I had with Johan and the incredible number of different types of percussion he played in one week-end.

Our studio, which is relatively spacious, was invaded with a collection of instruments, djembés, darbukas, talking drums… and others whose names I can’t even remember.

You can hear the results, mainly on "Hope" and "Everything we can" where Johan expresses all his talent!!