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Everything here is so quiet
I’m drifting with the tide
I know I’m not wasting my time
There’s no need here to hide

Everything here is so slow
I feel the ground under my feet
Leaned on a fence, the cross in the palm of my hand
There’s no need here to grow

All you need is here
All you see is real
Just stand
I’m sure you understand

This is what I deserve
This is what I know
Please let me in
or let me go

Everything here is so green
There’s nothing else to see
The night is falling, I’ll be back tomorrow
As I’m sure It’s not for now

I’m listening but there’s no sound
Only some flowers on the ground
Beyond the other bank, everything looks so strange
There’s no reason here to change

This is what I’ve dreamed
This is the way I go
Please let me in
or let me know

This is what I’ve received
This is what I know
Please let me in
or let me go....

Mai - Juillet 2008
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Rational arguments don’t usually work on religious people. Otherwise there would no religious people.

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Une chanson pour décider du chemin que doit prendre notre vie ou laisser aux autres le soin de décider pour vous…