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Smoke on the land is surrounding the house.
Leaves have already fallen down.
The fire is just crackling, boys coiling up to me
and I remember when it was me.

Times of a glory when you think all is fine
As a kid, I trust and make it mine
Freedom and duty mean nothing at all
For a boy, dad could never fall.

And if time is a healer, we don’t go astray
Holding your pain on our own
All what we had is fading away
And all that we share is gone.

Smoke has taken my dad away
And he misses me almost everyday
Awards and bravery could never give away
the love a child dreams in his prayers

And you have to fight for a country
But it doesn’t help at all
to keep hearts or spirit in this high
Fathers lost without a trace
Victors and vanquished in their graves
Hate needs to find another place.

Sun is now shinning on the place all around
Boys enjoy their playground.
When dad’s no longer there,
you have to be a man.
But you know you’ve lost your best friend.

October 2007 – September 2012
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Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.

Joseph Fort Newton


The stupidity of war and the fact it never solve any issue but create orphans and is the mother of revenge...