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There’s so much to do today
They watch me and I can’t walk
I can see them talk.

Like it or not, there’s another day
with rush rising with this noise
I can hear their voices.

Nice guys that will take my place
are watching me going down
I can feel them all around

They keep running on the floor
Hustling to lie and to please
But they don’t know what for

I’ve done my best all these years
And I don’t care who they could smear
Close to relief
Feeling no grief
I breathe

They say we will have them all
There is so much deals to catch
They don’t know they could smash

There is no sense on what we’re doing here
No rules or -call to question
When you think money talks

They think everything looks quite
and smooth as it seems
But I’m screaming underneath

You can’t go on like this forever
You know that none of us
is getting younger

I’ve been working here all these years
I’m tired and there‘s nothing I should fear
Need some release
A dream to heed
I breathe.

June 2007 - July 2012
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As a body everyone is single, as a soul never.

Herman Hesse


A long song in 2 parts.
We had a lot of fun and pleasure to record and mix this song and this was a challenge with all these tracks at the end :-).
A progressive rock track as in the old days ...